Twin Training Offer

Phil and Lisa are introducing a new ‘Twin Training’ offer at an unbeatable price. Grab your friend,  family member or partner and get fit together. Twin Training gives you the opportunity to work with a Personal Trainer and your friend or loved one at a fraction of the usual PT prices. With Valentines day just around the corner why don’t you do something different?? Rather than the token item of jewellry invest in you and your partners health. Reconnect and enjoy the endorphin rush! Joint sessions are fun and very effective, usually competitive but in a loving way. Remember couples that train together stay together!

We all know how daunting it is trying to get in shape on our own, struggling with motivation and feeling overwhelmed. Why not grab your bestie and support each other all while have a laugh and getting fit at the same time. Use each other to stay on track and enjoy the results together.

(Group sessions also available, for more information please contact Phil and Lisa)

5 sessions for €175

10 sessions for €350

(Effectively €17.50 each)

Training together is a great way to share new experiences.

As a group you always achieve more.