Skype Training

If you want Personal Training but live too far for us to get to you then Skype Training is what you need. You will have a Personal Trainer to coach you through your every move.

Following the decision to relocate to the Algarve we were faced with what to do with our UK based clients. Having built strong relationships with our clients all parties were reluctant to stop training and/or find someone else. Lisa then came up with the great concept of Skype Training for Soames Fitness. We log onto Skype at a time and date agreed with the client, we then complete a training session as we would face to face but over the computer either with us coaching or joining them in the workout. This has proven very successful as the internet connection has been reliable. The benefits of this type of training are as follows:

  • It is cost effective as we can offer Skype training at a reduced rate which works for those who do not have the budget for one on one training
  • The client does not need to leave their home so good for those who do not have transport
  • If the client has a child they can train while the child is napping, playing or eating
  • If you are not located close by for example overseas or just out of our training parameter you can still work with them
  • If you are overseas on holiday or on business and do not want to lapse in your training then this will work for you!

Pricing plans, promotions, and special offers can be found here.