Lisa is a great teacher …

After having not done any excercise for longer that I care to admit I was asked by a friend if I wanted to come along and try Buggy Fit. I thought why not what have I got to lose. Also a great opportunity to meet other mums with little ones the same age as our second son (2months old). I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it and straight away paid for the next week as I knew it would become a regular thing in my weekly diary. Every week is different and every ability catered for. Lisa is a great teacher and inspiration having had 2 kids herself. You also don’t have to worry if your little one gets restless as she is on hand to give cuddles while you finish the work out.

Blaire, Portugal, Buggy Fit, 25th November 2017

I would definitely recommend

Lisa is a fabulous PT! She puts you through your paces in a way that makes you want to work even harder. I would definitely recommend.

Lindsay G, Portugal, Personal training, 2nd November 2017

Great personal training …

Great personal training - tailored program for my needs and kept me motivated with a wide variety of training to help me keep on track

Clare Eason, UK, Personal training, 20th July 2017

… supportive but challenging …

I needed urgent help to lose weight, get fit and healthy and feel better having accepted a TV job on short notice.  I met a few PTs and decided Phil had the right balance of skills and personality to help me achieve my goals- supportive but challenging, fun and affable, and there was real variety to the sessions also so it was never a chore.  Goals achieved on time, and maintained until he moved to Portugal.

Tony Lundon, UK, Personal training, 7th June 2017

… no class is the same …

I used to attend Phil and Lisa’s circuits classes back in the UK and was so pleased to hear that they were setting up Skype personal training. They make exercise fun and most of all varied - no class is the same, and each one tackles different muscle groups. Having had some time out, I recently signed up to their Skype personal training and come away with a smile after each session. It’s easy to follow. They work out a programme which meets your needs and you get results!

Holly G, UK/Portugal, Skype Training, 16th May 2017

… fun and interesting …

Lisa and Phil ran fun, high intensive circuit classes in Crowhurst. The varied program was challenging but made the training .

Tracy Hoad, UK, Classes, 2nd May 2017

… fun, hard but fun!

From the least motivated person ever when it comes to exercise, Lisa & Phil made me want to go to class because it was fun, hard but fun. Never two classes the same, kept you on your toes with lots of laughs along the way. Lucky Portugal!

Duska Howells, UK, Classes, 2nd April 2017

Amazing classes…….

Dear PhilandLisa Soames, I just want to thank you both for all the amazing classes I have had with you over the years. Will miss you so much. Rarely were 2 classes ever the same. I have learnt so much about what I can do, what I love doing, what I would rather not rush to repeat (ie a class, 100 burpees AND Sally Up all in 40 minutes..... for goodness sake, what were you thinking girl!?).
I have met so many lovely friendly people along the way (who knew Crowhurst had so many..., lovl!) and made some really really good friends, some of whom helped me over endless walls in the Warrior Runs.
I wish you both all the very very best with your new venture with your lovely family ( but if you ever want to come back, that would be just great too . Will keep up all the good work anyway.
Take note, this is your reference for your new clients!!!
Boa sorte e tchau xxx
— feeling sad.

Louise Napier, UK, Classes, 30th March 2017

… brilliant trainers!

Phil was my PT for 18 months - every week was different - he challenged and motivated me, got me out of a mundane gym routine and as a result my fitness has improved so much.
Also at the same time I started going to Lisa and Phils circuits classes which were always fun but challenging, no two classes were the same and they were both brilliant trainers.

Jo Seymour, UK, Personal training, 15th March 2017

… best decision we have ever made …

Phil & Lisa trained myself and my husband Stuart for many years and I can honestly say it's the best decision we have ever made investing in our wellbeing mentality and physically! Go for it!!

Alison Adams, UK, Classes, 20th February 2017