****New Class**** HIIT YOGA

This new and exciting HIIT Yoga Class with Lisa Soames of Soames Fitness and Lindsay of Lindsay Gale Yoga is the perfect way to incorporate the two disciplines of High Intensity Interval training and a dynamic yoga practice – providing you with an all over body workout.

The class begins by warming up the body before bursting into the first five minute HIIT sequence followed by a five minute complementary yoga practice.  The class alternates between the HIIT and Yoga sequences ensuring your body receives a legs, upper body, cardio and abs workout as well as a range of standing, floor and supine postures.  We close the class with a slow and soothing cool down and a gorgeous guided relaxation.

HIIT is a fast paced cardiovascular exercise routine designed to define and sculpt your body at the same time as boosting metabolism, burning calories and fat.

Yoga, even the dynamic variety, is much slower in pace.  It’s perfect for building strength, stamina and suppleness whilst allowing the body to improve balance and encouraging the mind to focus and calm.


So come and join us: Sweat, breathe deep and enjoy a truly invigorating class.


HIIT Yoga is on every Friday 9.30-10.30 at Burgau Sports Centre at 7 euros a class.